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Arena Advertising

Community arenas are buzzing with activity throughout the year, and are visited by families with an interest in sports like hockey, ringette, broomball, and figure skating!

Whether they are a participant or fan, each visitor is a captive and unique audience for your brand.

Arena advertising not only offers a more captive audience compared to other OOH media but typically a much longer viewing time.

Hockey rink spectators are often in the stands for 60 minutes at a time, sometimes multiple times per week, leaving ample time for viewing the arenas’ advertising media.

Being “Canada’s Game” means that hockey rinks are wide-spread across Canada.  We have executed ice-rink advertising campaigns from coast-to-coast and as far north as Inuvik.

REC Media offers a variety of ice rink advertising opportunities: Rink Boards, Glass Decals, Ice Resurfacer Advertising, and other innovative ideas such as Door Wraps, Floor Decals, and Digital Displays.

Your advertising dollars not only contribute towards reaching your target demographics but also flow money back into the local community.

Quite often, a large portion of the revenue generated from hockey advertising or hockey sponsorship goes towards minor hockey teams, community foundations or back to the arena itself.

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