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Smitty’s Teams Up with Rec Media


Smitty’s Teams Up with Rec Media to Support Community Arenas From Coast to Coast



CALGARY, AB / April 30, 2024 / Rec Media, the leading provider of media and sponsorship opportunities in athletic recreational facilities across Canada, announces that it has partnered with Smitty’s in community arenas across Canada.


“The partnership between Rec Media and Smitty’s represents a unified collaboration between two Calgary-based businesses committed to serving Canadian families and enriching community connections,” stated Rec Media’s President and CEO, Troy Sedgwick.  “With Smitty’s longstanding legacy of providing quality dining experiences for over 60 years, their restaurants have become cherished gathering places for families to create lasting memories together, much like recreational facilities serve as community hubs.”


Smitty’s President Jason Kaytor continued, “The collaboration allows Smitty’s to emotionally connect with its customers on a grassroots level.  Through strategic advertising placement in recreational facilities, Smitty’s can effectively reach our customers in various markets across Canada while simultaneously supporting the very venues that contribute to community well-being.”


About Rec Media

Rec Media is the leading provider of media and sponsorship opportunities with access to over 4,500 athletic recreational facilities across Canada.  The company’s recreation facility network includes community arenas, outdoor sports fields, curling clubs, indoor soccer facilities, ski resorts, and golf courses which offer a variety of static and digital media placement options.


During its 29-year history, Rec Media has given back over 16 million dollars to Canadian communities and community recreational facilities.


For further information: please contact: Jeff Young, VP Sales, Rec Media (Vancouver/Calgary/Toronto); Tel 1-888-746-5237; E-mail:;


LinkedIn: Rec Media

About Smitty’s

Founded in Calgary, AB in 1960, Smitty’s is now one of Canada’s largest casual dining restaurant chains, with 83 locations in 9 provinces across Canada. As we continue to grow, Smitty’s remains committed to serve communities All Your Favourites. All Day Long.

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