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Curling Rink Advertising

The sport of curling has long been a source of pride in Canada.  A great many world and Olympic titles have been awarded to Canadian representatives and it continues to be a key component of local communities – particularly in rural parts of the country. 

While curling may not have quite the national draw or broad appeal of hockey, the sport reigns supreme in a vast number of small markets.  The local curling rink often doubles as a social hub in these small communities, providing an opportunity for socializing after the game, and even at other times.

As marketers continue to search for new and effective methods of connecting with prospective consumers, curling rink advertising has emerged as a tactical opportunity to engage with local populations in an influential environment.

Geographical Reach of Curling Advertising

Small and/or rural markets are often key positions for particular products or services – think of farming supplies, industrial resources, or rural cable and internet providers.  These regions create a challenging environment for marketers, particularly those relying on traditional media channels for exposure.  A lack of Out-of-Home opportunities necessitates out of the box thinking – this is where the most resourceful of marketers have embraced curling advertising, by marrying their message with the community hub that is the local curling rink, making curling rink advertising an effective part of their strategic messaging.

Effectiveness of Curling Advertising

Curling rink advertising captures audiences for the duration of the game – often up to several hours.  This provides opportunities for improved recall of brand messaging, as well as the occasion for interactive initiatives aimed at more fully engaging targeted consumers.  Sampling activities, display modules, and other consumer engagement activities allow brands to more fully tell their story to the very niche market to which they cater.

Curling Rink Advertising & Canadian Pride

As the local curling rink provides a source of community identity and spirit, those brands that can that can be viewed as affiliated or supportive stand to enjoyed increased consumer sentiment in their target markets.

While perhaps a narrow avenue for marketers, in the right market and for the right product, curling rink advertising provides a strong branding and consumer engagement opportunity to a very focused set of prospective clients.

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Curling Rinks

Curling is without a doubt one of the most popular sports in Canada, where there are more than one million registered participants!

Rec Media offers exciting advertising opportunities within curling rinks located in communities both large and small, from coast to coast!

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