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Sharing the Glory: Benefits of Team Sports for Children

If you’ve ever found yourself bored and miserable pumping iron in the gym, you might be missing out on a much more gratifying way of getting exercise: team sports.

Many of us end up at the gym by default instead of enjoying the benefits of organized sports introduced to us as kids. From a young age, taking part in team sports (such as hockey or soccer) teaches us about health and working together while improving our physical coordination and athleticism.

Organized sports have several advantages over individual sports, though any form of exercise is beneficial. Studies show that kids (and adults) involved in organized sports:

  • Enjoy being part of a team and have more fun than in individual physical pursuits
  • Have better mental health and lower stress levels
  • Do better academically
  • Learn more about teamwork, sportsmanship, and self-esteem

Team Sports Pave the Way for Athleticism: Long-Lasting Benefits

We already know that children who are involved in sports are much more likely to have better mental health and have less incidence of depression as adults.

Psychology Today tells us that part of the reason why kids love playing in organized sports is, simply, because it’s fun playing as part of a team. We want to be both competitive and collaborative – and team sports offer us this duality, where individual sports don’t.

Team sports allow children to compete against themselves as part of a group. But they also win or lose as a team, which means they learn to value and have empathy with the group rather than focus solely on themselves.

And the advantages don’t end there. Children who play team sports learn more about communication, loyalty, social skills, leadership, self-esteem and working together than by practicing individual sports.

In fact, according to the Women’s Sports Foundation, there are even more benefits for girls playing team sports: higher self-esteem, lower sexual risk-taking behavior, and lower anxiety and eating disorders.

Team sports also provide variety: a child can start in one role on the team and move on to another, learning skills they can transfer to other sports.

Socially, children have access to a network of friends (sometimes outside of school), helping them feel less shy or isolated.

From Court to Boardroom: Benefits of
Team Sports as Adults

Team sports really are the gift that keeps on giving. Kids not only do better academically as a result of participating in team sports, but the benefits extend to their adult life.

Through organized sports, children gain an understanding of sportsmanship – being able to acknowledge wins for others and deal with defeat. Having a coach as young teenagers can set them up to value mentors who can help them later on in life.

Beyond using the skills we learn from team sports, even following organized sports offers professional advantages. Team sports are an international language that can help us find commonality with colleagues and bosses. Women especially who take an interest in team sports can participate more fully in the many corporate or networking events that revolve around sports.

Team Sports Build Communities – We Did It!

There’s no doubt that team sports build communities. Families, neighbors, fans rally behind teams to cheer them on and help push our athletes further.

Cheering for a local team brings people of diverse backgrounds together for a common goal, and it does so with a real sense of camaraderie and belonging that’s not available through individual

In fact, team sports help build and shape our cultural identity – they’re a source of national pride. Whose heart doesn’t skip a beat when our national team wins at championships?

Whether we choose team sports or individual sports, by far what’s most important is that we enjoy the activity and feel better about ourselves, physically and mentally. And with childhood obesity and diabetes threatening our youth, the best thing we can do is introduce our kids to the benefits of team sports!

A final word

Do you want to support your community athletic centres that make team sports possible for our children? Why not promote your business while you invest in the health and well-being of the kids in your community? Contact us today to find out about our advertising opportunities.


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