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Our Story

The building of a new community.

Some twenty-five years ago, Troy Sedgwick, Rec Media’s founder, came up with an innovative idea when put on the spot in one of his university business classes. He pitched a business opportunity that involved developing a network of advertising space in community arenas.

With charisma and innovation, he delivered an exceptional presentation; upon which the professor declared, “That’s a brilliant idea! You should start that business!” This inspired conversations that eventually led to the creation of what Rec Media has become today.

The company grew from one entrepreneur in a basement to four bustling offices across Canada. At the same time, the network grew from one arena, to ten, to a hundred, to now over five thousand arenas and other athletic venues across Canada.

Troy’s entrepreneurial vision has resulted in a unique and successful business that connects brands with captive audiences while supporting communities and amateur athletic teams all across Canada.

However, if you ask Troy Sedgwick what he is most proud of, he would say it’s his company culture that reflects Rec Media’s core values:

Do the right thing, be a team player, go the extra mile, value people over profits, embrace change, and have fun!